Every experience God gives us, every person that He puts into our lives, is the perfect preparation for a future only He can see.
- Corrie Ten Boom

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I had a t-shirt that my best friend from high school's mom gave me that said, "Bloom where you're planted." It's sort of funny, because when I was in high school, and for the first two years afterward, I lived in the same small town that I had always lived in; a blue-collar city located on the Hudson River. However, since that time I've moved what sometimes seems like a hundred times (really it's been about 8). However, I have always tried to see the reason why I am here. What God has for me to both learn and contribute to the community that I am in. I try to always be content wherever here is, because I know there is a reason for it. God is good, and I am happy to be of His service, however He sees fit in the here and now.


  1. Nikki- I have not moved as many times as you, but enough that I never quite feel like I have roots. "Bloom where you are planted" is always in the back of my mind when we venture to a new home and as I look back on our journey it is ALWAYS very clear why we were in each place :)

  2. Looking back it is usually very clear why we have been in the places that we have, sometimes it is less so at the time. Even less clear has occasionally been why we had to leave when we did, other than we were needed in the next place, I suppose. I even wrote out a letter to my husband for our 10th Anniversary this summer about what I learned in each place, both about God and us as a couple.