Every experience God gives us, every person that He puts into our lives, is the perfect preparation for a future only He can see.
- Corrie Ten Boom

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Setback

So, the buyer for our house in Missouri's loan fell through. He's going to try again with another bank, not sure if that's going work, but I will be hopeful until there is no way that it will work out. In the meantime, he may rent the house from us, which would at least mean that we would have some money coming in to pay on our mortgage. Between our rent, mortgage, and storage fees not to mention the utilities at both places, and me not working at all...well, let's just say that saving for buying another house isn't happening. I am hoping that it will all work out, and soon, and that I will have a job soon as well. I know that others need jobs more than I do, we are currently "making it" after all, but I feel like if I can't be a mom, I should work. If/when I have kids, then I do NOT want to work, I want to be able to stay at home and raise my child(ren), but that is not the case. I would like to do some volunteering, but I would like to be consistent with when I can do such things, so I would like to know what hours I would be working for pay so that I can make that as conflict free as possible. So, in the meantime I am spending way too much time on facebook. Such a time waster, while at the same time a great way to keep in contact with a bunch of people that I used to live near at one of my former addresses, many of whom don't live where we knew each other anymore, either.

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